UPDATED 4.22.24
Q: I was using telephone banking service and I clicked "0" to be transferreed to the bank, but I got disconnected. What happened? 
A: The system provides the phone number 325.649.9200 for the user to call instead of transferring you to the phone number. We apologize for any inconvenience. 
Q: I have called 24-Hour Telephone Banker and it is not working. 
A: Unfortunately it is down at this time. We are actively working to resolve the issue. Please check back by 1pm CT today. 

Q: Is the phone number the same? 
A: Yes, 877.866.9028 is still the correct number for this service. 
Q: Did the prompts change? 
A: Yes. Starting the week of April 29th, we will have an easy to read guide that offers you prompt and shortcuts. Stop by one of our locations then. 

UPDATED 05/14/2024
Q: When do Allpoint+ ATM deposits post in my account? 
A: All cash deposited BEFORE 2pm CT will be credited immediately. If the deposit is made AFTER 2pm CT, it will be credited the following business day. This means that if you deposit on Friday after 2pm CT, it will not show on your account until Monday. This does not change depending on the amount deposited.

Q: Can I get cash from ATMs during the upgrade weekend?

A: Yes! All TexasBank and Allpoint ATMs will be able to give you cash from your debit card. 

Q: My ATM receipt balance looks like it doesn't have the right balance?
A: If you made a teller transaction on Friday, April 19th, it will not be reflected in your account balance until Monday, April 22nd. If your balance is incorrect after April 22nd, please contact us at 888.401.2599.
Q: How will the upgrade impact automatic withdrawals and direct deposits? 
A: All automatic withdrawals and direct deposits should proceed normally on April 18th. However, you may notice a minor delay in automatic withdrawals and direct deposits on Monday, April 22nd.

Q: Will I see my automatic payment for my TexasBank mortgage on the new system? 
A:  No.  All automatic payments for TexasBank mortgage accounts will not be seen in the digital banking system.  However, if the account holder wants to verify that the automatic payment was successful, they can view the transaction in the transaction history.  
Q: Will I need new checks after the upgrade?
A: No. Your routing and account number are not changing, so there is no need for new checks. 

Q: Will the routing number change? 
A: No. The TexasBank routing number will stay the same.
Q: Can I apply for a loan during upgrade weekend?
A: Yes! the application process for mortgages will not be affected by the upgrade weekend. 
UPDATED 4.22.24
Q: Will TexasBank be extending their hours this week?
A: Yes, we will be available by phone until 7:00pm CT. Branches will accommodate customer throughout the day and if needed stay open after hours. 
Q: Why is TexasBank upgrading their system? 
A: Your banking experience is important to us and this upgrade is necessary in order to provide you with the highest level of service possible. 

Q: Will my information be secure throughout the upgrade? 
A: Yes, your security is always our top priority, and your account information will remain protected as we complete this upgrade.

Q: I have additional questions.  Where can I go for help? 
A: For more information about the upgrade, visit TexasBank.com/betterbanking for info videos, FAQs, and resource guides.  Or you can call us at 888.401.2599 or email us at support@texasbank.com.

Q: What if the upgrade takes longer than expected?  
A: While we do not anticipate any delays in completing the upgrade, we will post updates on our website and social media pages if the upgrade extends beyond the currently scheduled April 22nd completion date. 

Q: Will my account number change? 
A: No. Your account number will stay the same. 

Q: Will the routing number change? 
A: No. The TexasBank routing number will stay the same.

Q:  What security features are in place for the new Digital Banking? 
A: TexasBank offers multiple features to ensure authentication of our customers as well as keeping their information safe and secure.  Self enrollment, two-factor authentication, device management, alerts, and other best practice security features.  

Q:  Will all my statements be available on April 22nd? 
A:  No, there will be a delay as to when the new system will upload historical statements and notices.  

Q: If I enrolled in eStatements in the old system for my checking and savings account, do I need to enroll in the new system?
A:  No.  You will be enrolled automatically.  However, it may take up to a few days to see your eStatement. 

Q:  If I enrolled in eStatements in the old Pay My Mortgage system for my mortgage account, do I need to enroll in the new system? 
A:  Yes.  You will need to enroll in the new system. 

Q:  Will I receive an email notification when my statement is ready? 
A:  Yes.  An email notification is sent to you anytime a new document is added to online banking for you.

Q: Will my monthly bank statements change? 
A: Yes. All statements will look different and may arrive at a different time.  If you have a savings, checking or Now account, you will receive two statements for the month of April. If you did not receive statements for these accounts, please reach out to our support staff.   

Q: How do I get my eStatements?
A: eStatements are available by reaching out to our support staff at this time. You can call or email to make a request. 
Q: Will the website address change? 
A: No. The website address (TexasBank.com) will not change.  However, it will have a new design and branded experience. 
Q:  Is there a time when TexasBank stops wire transfers?  
A:   Yes.  Normal cut off time is 2:00 pm CT.  

Q:  If I have a question, who can I contact?  
A:   You can call 833.987.2265 or email bookeeping@texasbank.com.