We focus on people. Our customers, employees, and communities are central to everything we do. We exist to build success.

We do that by growing a reputable community bank brand built on the relationships established through:
  • Providing customer-centric products and services,
  • Attracting, fostering, and developing a team of empowered, committed employees,
  • Investing in the betterment of the communities we serve,
  • Partnering with like-minded providers that balance integrity, speed, and security,
  • Proactively meeting and complying with regulatory expectations. 


TexasBank is a trusted community partner that is proven, local, and strong. 

For 118 years, TexasBank has been a vital part of growing Central and North Texas communities. Four generations later, the same foundational pillars guide us:

  • Our Heritage . . . Remembering the “why” that holds us steadfast.
  • Our Communities . . . We care about and invest in all communities that we serve.
  • Our People . . . We are relationship driven with a focus on exceptional service and trustworthiness.
  • Our Legacy . . . Built to inspire and lead future generations to further prosperity.

Our Heritage

We are owned and operated by a Texas family who have invested in the Texas banking industry for 118 years!  They have experienced and withstood both good and bad economic times and stood shoulder to shoulder with ranchers, farmers, and shopkeepers through drought, famine, and the devastating hardships of frontier life. Through it all, TexasBank endured.

Today, we still stand strong and committed to Texas and what it stands for.  While we actively chart our course ahead, we still stand on a principled philosophy that has gotten TexasBank where it is today:  By putting our customers, communities, and employees first, our shareholders benefit from our inevitable success.

We are owned by Texans, managed by Texans, and focused on Texans. We understand our markets because we have not just seen families, but generations of families through both good and bad economic times.

Our Communities

At TexasBank, we don’t believe that communities are simply defined by geographic boundaries, but they are formed through relationships that are built on shared values, mutual respect, and trust in one another.  Consequently, we strive to better the communities that we touch through putting roots down, building homes, and starting businesses. 

We invest in a combined success with our time, money, and resources.  Through this investment, we strive to build a level of trust and respect that reciprocates loyal and long-term banking relationships with our customers, employees and the markets that we serve.

This community spirit moves us to act, to be involved with our communities and their people. TexasBank employees make caring a daily part of their lives, selflessly devoting their time and energies to charitable organizations, school activities and dozens of programs that help our communities thrive. The belief that it is not a duty but a privilege to provide both money and time to those we serve is one of the reasons we are still leaders in the communities that we serve.

Our People:

We have experienced decision makers in each of our markets who can find solutions for our customers, faster. When your banker is your neighbor and understands the needs of your family or your business, you get a personal responsive approach that you can trust.

Our TexasBank Team is comprised of high performers who strive for both exceptional and reliable service.  They are of high integrity and passionate about helping our customers achieve their financial goals while also recognizing the serious responsibility of keeping their money safe and secure.

Our Legacy

We are proud of the role that we have played in the historical successes achieved by our customers, communities, and employees, but we also realize that we have a responsibility to leave them even better than when we found them.  That is our legacy, and we take it seriously.  This requires that we continue to put our customers, communities, and employees first by continuously reinvesting in them as well as our products, technology, and facilities.