Kids Savings

  • Savings habit: Opening a savings account, $5 minimum balance to open and no monthly service charge, for kids (age 18 and under) encourages the habit of saving money regularly and instills financial discipline early on, helping them develop good financial habits for the future.

  • Goal setting: Kids savings accounts provide a platform for children to set savings goals, whether it's saving for a toy, a special treat, or long-term savings goals like college or a future purchase.

  • Interest earning: Exclusive interest rate for the first $10,000.
  • Financial security: A TexasBank Kids savings account is FDIC insured and provides a secure place to store money, keeping it safe while teaching kids about the importance of financial security and planning for the future.

Greenlight Debit Card

Set them up for financial success. Greenlight debit card is a valuable tool for teaching children financial responsibility and fostering positive money habits from a young age.

  • Financial education: The Greenlight debit card teaches children about responsible money management by allowing parents to set controls and monitor spending in real time.
  • Parental control: Parents have the ability to manage and monitor their child's spending, set limits on where and how the card is used, and automate allowances.
  • Educational tools: The accompanying Greenlight app provides educational resources, interactive tools, savings goal features, and financial literacy lessons to help kids learn about budgeting, saving, and responsible spending.
  • Security features: The Greenlight debit card offers robust security features such as card lock, biometric login, and real-time alerts to ensure the safety of the child's funds and transactions.

TexasBank customers get a complimentary Greenlight subscription.
TexasBank customers are eligible for the Greenlight SELECT plan at no cost when they connect their TexasBank account as the Greenlight funding source for the entirety of the promotion. Subject to minimum balance requirements and identity verification. Upgrades will result in additional fees. Plans start at $4.99/mo. Upon termination of promotion, customers will be responsible for associated monthly fees. See terms for details. Offer ends 6/28/24. Offer subject to change.