New Bank Imposter Scam


Scammers are posing as banks to trick customers into giving them access to their accounts. Here's what you need to know:

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What Makes a Strong Password?


Here's what a strong password looks like, and it's not what you think

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Stop Cyber Threats


TexasBank has safety measures in place to stop cyber threats, but you are your best protector. Check out the link to see how we secure your banking needs.

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Corporate Account Takeover


Click the link below to read our latest brochure regarding Corporate Account Takeover:

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Financial Checklist for Your College-Bound Students


Perhaps this year, going off to college looks a little differently but eventually parents will have to send their students on their way. During this extra time, consider reviewing the following financial checklist with your college-bound students to make sure they will be well equipped for what the future holds.

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