Proven, local and strong is how customers describe one of the most successful banks in Texas. 
TexasBank is a full-service community bank operating out of 15 locations across the state. With branches from El Paso to DFW, in towns ranging in size of only a few thousand to over 1 million people, our customer base reflects the diversity of the Texas geography, its economy and its people. We develop customer relationships unlike large retail banks, and better than most other community banks. TexasBank invests in the communities in which we serve, focusing on the development of staff to their greatest potential, and delivers superior results to shareholders. 
“TexasBank is built on relationships, not just financial performance,” said CEO and Chairman Mark Riebe.  “When you take care of your team, they take care of the customers, and the numbers just fall into place.”   The bank’s ownership and management places a premium on employees being active in their communities.  “Our staff are your friends, and your neighbors,” said TexasBank President Greg Dodds.  “We invest our profits in local markets to boost economies, create jobs, offer scholarships, and advance entities that serve and protect where we live.”   
Merging the bank’s largest locations under its third-generation ownership, in Brownwood, Weatherford, and Fort Worth in 2022, TexasBank is $2 Billion strong.

Our Mission

Our mission is to profitably deliver high quality customer service by:

  • Investing in our communities.
  • Meeting the financial needs of our customers.
  • Fostering the development of a motivated and dedicated staff.
  • Delivering superior results to our shareholders.

Mark Riebe


Greg Dodds

TexasBank President and CEO

Steven McDonald

Executive Vice President

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Lin Bearden

Chief Lending Officer

Parker County Market President


Brandon White

Senior Vice President

Chief Mortgage Officer

Erick Owens

Executive Vice President

Chief Information Officer

Luke Elliott

Executive Vice President

Chief Operations Officer

Myrtle Bowles-Scott

Executive Vice President

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Liz Brown

Executive Vice President

Community Relations Officer

Lisa Marie Graves

Senior Vice President

Chief Human Resources Officer

Amber Danford

Senior Vice President

Chief Marketing Officer

L.V. Coffee

Central Texas Market President

Bruce Leib

Dallas County Market President

Tim Espinoza

Brown County Market President

Juvenal Sierra

Comanche County Market President

Ann Herkenhoff

West Texas Market President

Zachary Malone

Senior Vice President

Correspondent Banking