Q: Is free food provided? 
A: No, however concession stands will be open during the event.  
Q: Can I bring in a cooler? 
A: Yes, however you must purchase a cooler pass from the park. Coolers must be no larger than 48 quarts and contain no glass or alcohol. 

Q: Can I bring my own life jacket or floaties? 
A: Yes, the park encourages life jackets and floats for safety. The park also has lifejackets and tubes available at no charge. Swim rings are not allowed unless the seat is built in. 
Q: Is parking free? 
A: Yes, parking is free of charge. 
Q: Can I bring my own water to drink? 
A: Yes. The park allows 1 unopened water bottle per guest. You can also bring an empty water bottle to refill at their water fountains. Free water is also available at the concession stands.