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New Bank Imposter Scam


Scammers are posing as banks to trick customers into giving them access to their accounts.

Here's what you need to know:

Scammers are calling and texting pretending to be someone from your bank. They are even spoofing caller ID so it appears to be the number from your bank. 

Typically, they are saying one of the following:

  • Suspicious activity on your account where they ask for your password so they can "change" your password
  • A text to confirm a transaction that results in the customer giving over an access code
  • Online banking breach where they ask for a PIN to save your account


What can you do to stay safe? 

Be leery of any unsolicited communication that asks for the following:

  • Your online bank account username and password
  • One-time verification codes sent as part of a secure login process
  • Your entire Social Security number
  • Your bank account number
  • Your credit or debit card number or PIN
  • Your personal banking PIN

If it’s a phone call, hang up. If it’s a text or email, don’t click any links or download attachments and contact us immediately.