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Cares Act Loans

CoronaVirus Emergency Loans

Help is here. Congress has passed and the President has signed the CARES Act, and we are ready and excited to offer it to you.  

TexasBank stands ready to assist our our small business communities as we navigate through this economic crisis, together. 

The passing of the Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security (CARES) Act gave $350 billion in loans to small businesses. That means that YOU who have been facing cur-rent and potential drops in revenue and employee layoffs, can now secure loans to meet payroll, cover rent and utilities and more. 

As the SBA continues to lay out guidelines for the new CARES Act, TexasBank will be ready to assist you with obtaining funding. We are a SBA Preferred Lender with certi?ed commercial lenders, knowledgable staff and team members who are excited to take you through this process to ensure you obtain the funds needed to come out on the other side of this crisis doing what you do best...serving our great community. 

TexasBank is doing our part to maintain the most up to date information regarding your best ?nancial options. We encourage you to do your part to take care of your employees, customers and yourself. 

The heart of community banking is service. Lean on us during this time. We are in this together...we are TexasStrong. 


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