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Business Checking Account

Your business is our business, and its success is our goal. Our Commercial Checking Account has been created to help make managing your money as easy as possible so you have more time to concentrate on your company. That's business banking made simple!

If balance drops below $1,500.00 in a month, the account will be charged:

  • $5.00 service fee
  • $0.15 per check fee

Earnings credit: For each $100.00 on average balance for that statement cycle, a $0.15 credit is given

The fee structure is based upon the minimum balance on each statement cycle.

  • Overdraft Fee: $25.00 per item paid against a non-suficient funds balance. 
  • Returned Item Fee: $25.00 per item returend unpaid that was presented against a non sufficient funds balance. 

*$1.00 fee per transaction at non TexasBank ATMs

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